Training Centre – The world has witnessed significant technological changes in the past decades, highlighting the importance of security measures that must be executed in order to protect sensitive data and persons privacy. This cannot be accomplished without teaching the society and training professionals that are required in this field. The EagleTech Educational Unit is devoted to providing exceptional and international training to students and employees across the region; we offer many IT, cybersecurity, cybercrime-related, AI and information security courses that will assist the new generation reshape the advancements in technology and security in this region. Additionally, we provide customized services to our clients by offering the right training that suits their needs; we intend for organizations to trust EagleTech in improving their IT and Security Infrastructure. 

Business Continuity- The team of experts will also work closely with the client to assess the business goals and business continuity needs. This section discusses the down-time possibility of your organization, the frequency of data archiving for optimal restoration and such. EagleTech aims to create fast backup and recovery services for our clients, ensuring that the business does not get affected significantly by such events.

IT Services & Technical Solutions – To help you gain a competitive advantage and provide you with professional IT support, EagleTech has a team of IT specialists that play a vital role in your business and make your wishes reality. Our company has been designed to provide organizations a variety of complementary IT knowledge, skill and support, allowing our clients to achieve their IT missions. The following services that EagleTech offers include:

  • IT Infrastructure – Supply, Install and Manage IT Systems

  • Telecom Services Intermediary – Ensure minimum downtime and provide 24/7 support to resolve any experienced issues as soon as possible. We facilitate the communication between you and the desired service provider.

  • Network Systems Management

  • Digitalization

  • Software Development-Mobile application, web development, game development

  • Support and Maintenance

Business Initiatives – EagleTech believes that integrating IT systems are initiatives that improve business performance. Internal campaigns are conducted to seek an improvement in the business’s work environment and business strategy. EagleTech helps organizations understand what is best for them and how to achieve the desired outcome successfully. 

IT Consultancy – EagleTech offers IT consultancy services to organizations to promote business expansion and revenue increase. This service ensures the holistic and cost-effective optimization of IT systems to guarantee tangible business results. We find it inspirational in assisting organizations achieve the best through the effective and proficient use of Information Technology.