EagleEye is the security providing division of the company. This domain distributes security and facility services to various sectors, providing supreme technical and protective services across the nation. We support the nations military forces, federal agencies, international clients and private organizations. Our comprehensive solutions are designed and tailored to meet the unique requirements ands requisites of each client; the intelligence and innovative skills possessed by EagleEye teams formulate customized security solutions that achieve the exact requirements of organizations in any industry.  By leveraging the combination of appropriate technology and expertise, EagleEye is able to establish a protected zone for the clients they serve, creating a security solution that not only covers the specified requirements but also anticipates issues. We possess profound industry knowledge and professional staffs that empower EagleEye to deliver personalized security solutions to our customers. Our services include:

  • Surveillance

  • Alarm & Intrusion Detection

  • Access Control

  • Fire Safety

  • Emergency Plan and Procedures

  • Augmented Technology

  • Home Security Solutions

  • Aviation Security

  • Healthcare Safety and Security Services

  • Financial Institutions Security Solutions

  • Education Industry Security Solutions

  • Federal and Government Facilities

EagleEye is a comprehensive solution provider for optimizing and enhancing security infrastructures in various domains. We feel the obligation in providing solutions to the most challenging problems particularly in a region that is surrounded by dangers and instability.