Risk Management & Risk Assessment
Risk Management is essential to any organization. EagleTech follows a set of guidelines and procedures that not only identify and protect against risks, but also help our clients understand the importance of this service and why their investment necessary and not useless. This process is designed to identify potential risks, assess them and plan to protect against the risk and minimize the harm if risks become reality. The Risk Management Programme generally follows the following phases, although it may be modified to suit the nature and methodology of an organization:

 Identification of risks that may compromise the cybersecurity infrastructure of the organization

Results Evaluation and analysing the severity of each risk (probability of risk occurring and the impact magnitude if risk occurs).

List the actions that must be or could be taken in order to minimize the risk or avoid the risk entirely by terminating activities that are risky.

Monitoring to observe the status of risks and review the controls that have been set in place to makes sure that the policies and study conducted remains suitable.


  • Risk Assessment and Evaluation

  • Asset Management
  • Monitoring
  • Anomaly & Events


  • Policies & Procedures
  • Access Control Management
  • Awareness & Training – Cybersecurity Education


  • Analysis
  • Planning
  • Communication
  • Improvement 
  • Regulatory Compliance

Vulnerability Disclosure Program- cyber vulnerabilities are inevitable, and data or security violations can affect organizations negatively and to a high extent. This program strengthens the comprehension and the skill of security specialists, providing better insights for improved defence. VDP actively searched for vulnerabilities and remediation processes that provide organizations a safer environment. The program is important for an organization as is demonstrates an organization’s dedication towards digital protection; it assists in developing trust towards your organization.

Legislative Compliance

  • Align with cybersecurity programs with best practices

Engage with Security community

  • Enhances the relationship towards the cybersecurity researcher community and creating a positive feedback channel to enhance the company’s security through vulnerability discovery and remediation

Time Efficiency

  • Reduces the time between the vulnerability discovery, notification and remediation.

Business Vulnerability Assessment service provided by EagleTech comprehensively scans the organizations IT and network infrastructure that assist in understanding the security risks to your business. This service provides the organization with the knowledge required to understand the threats and identify the risks before hackers do. Vulnerability Assessment service helps detect, quantify and manage security threats that exist in the organization’s infrastructure. Using advanced technology, EagleTech provides robust and professional support to address the issues mentioned above.

Internal Vulnerability Assessment

This assessment aids the organization in determining its compliance to security policies (information security, network security, or other related policies associated with the nature of your organization).

External Vulnerability Assessment

The target of this assessment is to identify and classify vulnerabilities of the internet connected assets of your organization.

IT & Cyber Consultancy – Many organizations are threatened by deliberate and targeted attacks. Eagle Tech works with the organization in order to design and implement an integrated cyber approach to maximize the business performance with respect to security, confidentiality and integrity. Despite further regulations towards cybersecurity, and great amount invested to protect against crime, cyber incidents continue to rise. This can be associated to the enhanced sophistication of hackers and their financial endorsements. Organizations are required to tighten their security measures and turn to cybersecurity specialists to help protect themselves from the rising wave of cybercrime. EagleTech uses in-depth research and AI to help businesses make the best decisions regarding technology transformations or the implementation of appropriate cybersecurity equipment. EagleTech consultancy service is comprised of qualified and intelligent cyber security specialists that work hard to provide effective and appropriate strategies that enhance the organization’s IT and cybersecurity infrastructure. It is imperative for businesses to understand the threats they stand against and the effects that such crime would cause if successful.

Systems Auditing and Assessments

Cyber security audit is a valuable option for businesses that are relatively new or that have expanded. This service may be defined as an in-depth and comprehensive evaluation of the company’s IT & cybersecurity infrastructure, regarding its compliance with security related policies and processes. This will help the organization gain a better understanding of where they stand and what they must do to reach their standard cybersecurity compliance. EagleTech supports the development and Improvement of security measures, policies and procedures.

This consultancy support provides:

  • Verification that the internal processes and systems are aligned with security regulations

  • Develop audit plans and schedules that fit the organization’s business needs

  • Assessing

  • Recommending cost-effective solutions

  • Help mitigate the effects of a breach and display the necessary measures to protect confidential data.

Incident Response and Management

Responding to cyber incidents often count a success or failure measurement. Incident identification and mitigation are critical aspects that must be addressed correctly. As mentioned previously, cybercrime is inevitable however, the incident impact and the way it is handled is what matters. EagleTech possesses a strong incident management team that monitors your network and ensures that the organization has the correct Incident Response Strategy prepared. The team will assist with forensics services, incident management, intrusion identification and remediation services. The Incident Response and Management service provides the following:

  • Incident Provision and Preparation

  • Incident Response Planning

  • Incident Reporting ang Maintenance Services

  • Incident Response Development Planning on scheduled basis

  • Incident Drill

EagleTech’s dedicated incident response team are available 24/7 to help investigate and remediate cyber-attacks by assisting organizations to respond and manage such events as swiftly as possible in order to reduce the impact of a breach on the business. This comprehensive service will assist organization in numerous fields such as incident control, communication and reporting. We take quick action in order to minimize the impact of a breach with the help of our expert team that also assist to determine the most suitable recovery strategy.

Backup and Disaster Recovery – Data Loss may be a catastrophic experience for most businesses and organization. EagleTech offers customized Backup and Disaster Recovery Services through a professional team of experts and consultants that work closely with our clients to provide a system tailored to your business needs. This service offers:

Disaster Planning- Preparing the organization for unexpected events assists the company in arranging for such incident by having the best technical solutions in place.

Technical Requirements for Backup and DR – EagleTech ensures that your organization understands the best technical solution for its business and provides tailored services to your unique company.