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From digitalization to cybersecurity, EagleTech is dedicated to enhancing this region in many ways possible. Becoming part of our company will enable you to participate in this mission. Engrave your touch in the significant changes EagleTech is leading the country to. If you are eager to shape the future, we are eager to have you on our team. You will join a group of intelligent people who have been carefully selected through tough procedures, all operating together to develop a brighter future. There are opportunities to join us in many sectors, ranging from IT to linguistic vacancies; simply discover your talent and apply it here, at EagleTech.





We are working hard to build a better society, leading the digital transformation of this region, promoting a smarter and safer space. We require your strength to a make a difference in the lives of people and our community. At EagleTech, we apply our values to the work we do; adding purpose and passion to the services we provide allows us to solve the most complex of challenges and enhance our society. The flexibility of our work environment allows an individual to do more than just a ‘regular job’, but to build, to enjoy, to invent, to be creative, to become an advanced professional and a better individual for the community.

As witnessed, technology is rapidly evolving worldwide and it is important that we keep Kurdistan on a good level, well-suited with the rest of the world. This is why we require the brightest minds who are able to develop innovative solutions to an extensive variety of technological challenges.

We are dedicated to the protection of the people of this region and committed to enhancing the environment. EagleTech is defined as the workforce; we are together as a whole. Your success is the team’s success, and the same the other way round. We represent each other. We stand together. We work together to achieve the best outcome. We take pride in the strong, friendly and respectful work environment we have established through teamwork and supportive strategy. We are all connected by our motivation to do good to society and acquire knowledge through the work we perform.






Respect – Respect, and be respected. Work together, listen to the views of others, understand each other. Your personal physiological, physical, and emotional health is very important and matters to us deeply. Be kind to yourself and to others; do not judge yourself based on other employees, and do not judge other based on yourself.

Work Environment

A safe and clean environment stimulates liveliness and great energy, promoting success and work efficiency. We believe that the physical environment of a workplace is significantly important and impacts the productivity and positivity within the company. In a company that is dedicated to the protection of this country, it is as equally important in keeping our staff safe and comfortable as well.

Training and Development

Here at EagleTech, you will have the opportunity to gain a wide range of skills and experience. We ensure the right training is provided to you depending on your career path and are committed to providing you the chance for continuous development throughout your career. EagleTech shares the responsibility of your career and personal development; the education and advancement of our staff is the key to our success and the heart of what we do.

Recruiting events

Unfortunately, due to the current health situation across the world, no recruiting events are scheduled. Be assured that we will come looking for you as soon as such events are no longer prohibited and considered as a danger to people’s health. We look forward to meeting you!