The EagleTech Business Unit provides professional business services in industry and trade consultancy, business incorporation and related legal assistance. Our purpose is to meet client requirements and exceed their expectations by addressing the existing challenges. Our services promote and advise to supply definite benefits for the individuals and organizations we work with. EagleTech drives positive change that delivers opportunities for everyone. We believe that there are talented people that have great potential and can make an impact through entrepreneurship and business. The mission we maintain empowers determined and talented individuals to build establishments that inspire others and positively affect the community. We also present distinctive perspectives to your business through the services we provide. Our experts are specialized in delivering the following:

  • Company Registration Services
  • Business Advisory Services

  • Patent Acquiring

  • Legalizations and Certifications

  • Business Planning, Evaluation and Modelling

  • International Business Consulting Services

Our company is dedicated to support small business owners and help entrepreneurs pursue their dream. Here, the services provided range from counseling, capital, to law assistance and more. Starting a business, or even maintaining your existing one is becoming more difficult over time. In fact, many factors contribute significantly to this complication, such as political instability, economic crises or global health issues. However, there are other small matters that greatly disrupt businesses and organizations, such as the evolution of technology, which has disrupted market transparency and ignited competition and/or the uncertainty and risk that is associated with start-up businesses are not easily tolerated by the investors. Nevertheless, here at EagleTech, small organizations and ideas are supported based on the vitality of the business, which we measure through the passion, energy and creativity of its entrepreneurs as we believe they are the fundamentals of entrepreneurship.

EagleTech protects your privacy and liability, ensuring prevention against idea theft and copyright infringement. Our company will be with you though all the steps required and make sure you are conducting your business in the correct and most efficient way. START-PLAN-EXPAND-SUSTAIN, or RECOVERY FROM MAJOR LOSS: EagleTech delivers exceptional and effective assistance in all the mentioned stages of your business.