EagleTech was founded on an influential conception: the company must be recognized by the good it provides to society through its principles and strategy. Serving society is EagleTech’s ultimate purpose.

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Our mission is to serve as a comprehensive solution for cyber-related threats to businesses and individuals and provide latest technology services throughout the country. It is the company’s responsibility to provide strategic insights to assist our clients in achieving the key corporate objectives.

We will continuously endeavour to execute the critical initiatives demanded in order to achieve our vision. In doing this, we will deliver operational excellence to the many constituencies we are involved in, consolidated by a set of values that are shared by all members of our team. The centre is specialized in providing critical infrastructure protection, digital forensics, related research & development, IT and cyber analytical services. The cybercrime centre assists in criminal, fraud and counterterrorism investigations of national services.

The establishment of comprehensive digital services is no longer a dream for this region; EagleTech is constantly striving to transform the ‘once aspiration’ to reality. Providing support to the construction and administration of public digital services is quite a challenge, requiring significant amounts of communication between various stakeholders, resources and financial endorsement. The national strategy of digitalized governmental services presents substantial economic and political advantages, participating in the continued prosperity of the region. By this, we aim to provide new opportunities to citizens and assist in the battle against fraud and corruption.

Our vision is to become the country’s leading IT service provider and the chief cybercrime center in the region.  EagleTech will drive the region to a protected and reliable digital transition. Eventually, the nation will speak of EagleTech, and recognize the difference it has made; the changes that it accomplished to create a digital, technology-driven, and cyber-safe society.

EagleTech company is devoted to providing an advanced and safer future for the people of this region. We want to make sure that our children and the new generation are protected against cybercrime. We value confidentiality and individual privacy and work against behavior that violates our values. The notion we seek to achieve anticipates a vibrant and technology-driven society. Our vision is to help everyone understand the risk of cybercrime and the importance of acting against it.

The values that we preserve reflect who we are and the foundations of our company. It is our values and principles that form a unifying power within the company and define the organizational culture we comprise.

Freedom – At EagleTech, we consider freedom a significant component of company success. It is a valuable attribute as we believe it leads to enhanced expressions of creativity and innovative thought. Freedom is a powerful concept; we define freedom as independence: each team member has the liberty to experiment with their ideas within their positions and bear ownership of their responsibilities.

Creativity – EagleTech operates to be a unique entity; we tend to differentiate ourselves from our competitors. Incorporating creativity in our work produces a distinctive and more professional outcome – creativity activates success.

Innovation – The ease of access to new technologies and continuous breakthroughs in IT have created a highly competitive market. The effective exploitation of new concepts is essential for the sustainability of the company in the technology market. Innovation allows the company to develop and constantly introduce new designs into our business. It improves productivity and stimulates internal and external competition. The impact of this value relates to business growth and positive employee engagement. Each member of our team is empowered to work innovatively.

Ethics – Many believe that wrongdoings or employee misconduct is not related to the company and management, but rather the individual’s self and one’s consciousness. We perceive it quite differently. Unethical corporate behavior involves the cooperation of others, reflecting organizational culture, beliefs, and values. The strong and moral leadership provided by our executives and managers shape the organizational ethics here at EagleTech, creating a climate that reinforces the reputations on which the company’s success depends. The implementation of compliance-based ethics programs used in our organization ensures that misconduct and legal violations are prevented and punished. Our leadership directly embraces integrity; we express integrity as a superpower that inspires the team and our customers.

Precision & Accuracy – Company growth strengthens its growth, profit, and reputation. Precision also contributes to how the community views our ethics; providing misleading and inaccurate services or information may cause the company to be perceived as unprofessional or untrustworthy. The quality, condition, or fact of being exact and accurate is the definition of precision and it is what we aim for at EagleTech.

Respect – EagleTech considers respect as a fundamental factor in the success of the company’s mission and vision. Respect originates from dignity and within oneself: self-respect.  Respect is the purest of our values, to treat others how we want to be treated. Our culture demand that we value the dignity and worth of all people, and treat them with utmost respect and kindness, putting the needs of others above our own, whether it be colleagues or customers.

Diversity – EagleTech regards a diverse environment as a contribution to the creativity and efficiency of our work. Diversity engenders professional and capable teams; the coming together of individuals that are of diverse ethnicities and societies is a chief participant of innovation.

Quality – Delivering superior products and services to our customers is a great share of our mission. We believe that quality is critical and is a key differentiator in the technology market today. This value reflects EagleTech’s reputation, which is exceedingly imperative for our business: we want to be consistent, and make sure that the services we provide meet and exceed all requirements, standards, and satisfaction.


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